Historical Background

NACODEV is a Local Non-governmental organization (NGO) founded and registered under section 10 of the NGO co-ordination act. This organization is a metamorphosis of community efforts supported by a local church dating from the year 1997.

The root of NACODEV started as a self-help group with 30 members in 1997 and grew to a community based organization which evolved into local NGO in 2004, working with Community groups.

NACODEV is an initiative of Ngangani Redeemed Gospel church based in Ikombe ward in the currently Yatta sub County Machakos - Kenya. Ngangani Redeemed Gospel church is one of the local churches within the networks of the Redeemed Gospel church Inc.

In 1995, Rev. Cosmas Mwanzia , a local pastor in Ngangani village started preaching the gospel of repentance and acceptance of Jesus Christ to attain salvation and encouraging people to have faith in God and qualify to enter heaven where there is no water shortage, sickness and food insecurity.  Although the Ngangani community accepted the gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sin through Jesus Christ they were faced with grave challenges of poverty, water scarcity, sicknesses and food insecurity. This prompted the community to place their request to the local church through Rev. Cosmas. In return the community resolved to look for Food Aid relief. Led by Rev.Cosmas the community approached Dorcas Aid International who assisted the needy community with food supply to alleviate the hunger until 1997.

However; one year later, the long term effect of food insecurity was still imminent. Rev. Cosmas then mobilized the community to seek for a permanent solution to food insecurity leading to the formation of Ngangani Redeemed Gospel Church Development Programme (NRGC-DP) –aimed at eradicating the long-term and persistent problem of poverty, sickness, water scarcity and food insecurity. A baseline survey was then conducted to determine problems / needs facing the community. More self –help groups joined the NRGC-DP which was a community based Organisation.

The efforts attracted other communities with similar needs within the larger former Machakos District and part of Makueni District to join the train of development. NRGC-DP later changed its name to Ngangani Acts Community Development (NACODEV) after expanding itself to cover the current four Sub Counties formed out of the former Machakos District (Yatta, Mwala, Masinga, Kathiani districts) and parts of Makueni.

Physical Location of NACODEV offices:  Katangi and Ngangani towns within Yatta sub County, Machakos County.


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