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click the image to view Nacodev Sub-Surface Dams in Kinyongo Seasonal Stream NGANGANI

Pastoral Empowerment and Christian emphasis:

The overall goal is to Mainstream Christian emphasis in all NACODEV activities to enhance Christian witnessing, growth and maturity among NACODEV community. The organization plans to empower 200 pastors in mission work and establish one gospel outreach team while facilitating access to relevant biblical literature. Annual inter-denominational conferences are planned within this strategic plan period.Pastoral Empowerment

  • Christian leadership empowerment
  • Christian Outreach


Objective 1: To enable 200 pastors in Yatta, Masinga, Mwala and Kathiani Districts improve on Christian leadership and development by December 2015.

Objective 2: To establish and equip one gospel outreach team in Yatta D

istrict by December 2015.

Objective 3: To enable 200 pastors and the gospel outreach team to access Christian literature materials by December 2015.

Objective 4: To improve transport means of 30 pastors by Dec.2015

Objective 5: To organize 6 interdenominational conferences in Yatta by December 2015.

Objective 5: To promote and strengthen Christian values in 6 NACODEV programmes and activities by December 2015.


An ongoing session of NACODEVs Pastoral Training on August 2014          Facilitator Joseph while training on Evangelism and Discipleship at Kikesa 

1st GENESIS Youth Convenntion Katangi 2014     1st Genesis Youth Convention - Katangi 2014  

1st GENESIS Youth Convention held in Katangi



Bio – sand water filters:

Bio-Sand Water filter beneficiaryThe overall goal is to enable approximately 4000 households’ access clean water for domestic use. The organization therefore plans to establish new BSF construction subcentres in three more districts while aiming at constructing and installing thousands of Bio- sand water filters for nearly 4000 households in Yatta, Mwala, Kathiani and Masinga districts while constructing one Bio – sand water filter processing unit at Ngangani. It also plans to construct 50 pit latrines to 50 household units while constructing 10 water tanks for tapping roof water in Ngangani area.

  • Construction of filters
  • Installation of filters
  • Monitoring of filters
  • Training beneficiaries
  • Construction of pit latrines
  • Construction of  water harvesting structures
  • Buying of a tractor for transportation
  • Value addition of Bio-sand filtered water ( Pack and sale of water)
  • Outreach new communities.


The overall goal is to reduce rates of new HIV and AIDS infections while giving support and care to PLWHAS. NACODEV plans to increase level of HIV and AIDS awareness by conducting public awareness campaign and mobile VCT Clinics in Yatta and Mwala districts while enabling PLWHA’s access nutrition and ARVs.

  • HIV / AIDs awareness
  • Mobile VCT services
  • PLWHAS’ care and support

NACODEV staff member Susan training the youth on prevention on HIV & AIDS

NACODEV staff member Susan training the youth on prevention on HIV & AIDS







Objective 1: Increase the level of HIV / AIDs awareness to 2,000 people Yatta and Mwala Districts by December 2015.

Objective 2: To facilitate mobile VCT services to 2,000 people in Yatta and Mwala Districts by December 2015.

Objective 3: To enable 200 people living with HIV/AIDS in Mwala and Yatta Districts to access care and support by December 2015.

Dry River Beds

Dry River beds – Source of water project 2020/2021

Partner: AgriNextLevel Foundation

This is a project meant to improve food security and income levels of community members by building sand dams and sustainable Agriculture.

Four project objectives and Achievements by 2021

1.       To have increased Knowledge and skills in group management, water management, improved agricultural methods and Environmental protection.

Results; Two groups (Kiundwani and Ngomani consisting of 77 members in total are under training on Group dynamics, water and Agricultural management as well as Environmental protection.

2.       To have increased availability of water for domestic use, Livestock and small scale irrigation

Result; Kwa Mutuku, Kwa Muteti and Malivini Sand Dams have been Completed and have been filled with water.

3.       To have increased farm production/sales

Result; 49 member group of Kiundwani is setting up horticultural seedlings and 3 net houses  (3 demo-plots)

4.       To have improved Natural environment along streams.

Result; Approximately 300 trees, digging of terraces and Napier grass have been planted along the riverbanks.


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