Dry River Beds

Dry River beds – Source of water project 2020/2021

Partner: AgriNextLevel Foundation

This is a project meant to improve food security and income levels of community members by building sand dams and sustainable Agriculture.

Four project objectives and Achievements by 2021

1.       To have increased Knowledge and skills in group management, water management, improved agricultural methods and Environmental protection.

Results; Two groups (Kiundwani and Ngomani consisting of 77 members in total are under training on Group dynamics, water and Agricultural management as well as Environmental protection.

2.       To have increased availability of water for domestic use, Livestock and small scale irrigation

Result; Kwa Mutuku, Kwa Muteti and Malivini Sand Dams have been Completed and have been filled with water.

3.       To have increased farm production/sales

Result; 49 member group of Kiundwani is setting up horticultural seedlings and 3 net houses  (3 demo-plots)

4.       To have improved Natural environment along streams.

Result; Approximately 300 trees, digging of terraces and Napier grass have been planted along the riverbanks.


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