Syokisinga Kakuyuni Water Project

 Partner: National irrigation Authority

 This project’s overall goal is to excavate 600 Individual water pans among Syokisinga and Kakuyuni communities within Yatta Sub County in Machakos County for increased water access and availability.


This is a project individual  water pans of (1,000m3) on average using appropriate modern excavators to reach out to 600 household beneficiaries within Syokisinga – Kakuyuni communities in order to enhance food security, improve income levels, reduce distance to water sources and ensure increased nutrition consumption among the residents. NACODEV as organization is ready to train the farmers on water management and usage, Agriculture, food security and value addition as well as water treatment strategies. The project will provide basic conditions (water and knowledge) which give the beneficiaries good opportunities to help themselves. Many parts of eastern Kenya, the inhabitants of Ukambani region, specifically Yatta sub County face chronic problems of food insecurity and inability to invest in Agriculture due to low rains and lack of sufficient water sources for irrigation which is more sustaining compared to rain fed Agriculture. NACODEV is ready to undertake more resilient projects in order to cushion the area against vicious cycle of food insecurity.

Achievement by Dec 2020

NACODEV in partnership with National irrigation Authority has excavated a total of 105 individual water pans (Aprox 130,000 M3) to the residents of Syokisinga and Kakuyuni areas of Yatta sub County in the month of December 2020. This was the first phase of the project.


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