COVID-19 Awareness

The project Overall Goal

To create awareness of COVID-19 pandemic prevention, Hygiene and sanitation campaigns to the Community households/children and reach out to people through a Public Campaigns on safety measures against possible spread of the global threat of corona virus.           

 NACODEV has been employing the following objectives as described below;

a)    Partner with Government Heath Officers to train trainers of trainers (TOTs)/social workers whom train H/Hs community at house hold level on hygiene and sanitation.

 b)   Provision of COVID-19 safety Hygiene and sanitation items such as
Hand washing Kits and hand washing soaps among others.

 c)    Create COVID-19 Public awareness using Public address system mounted on a vehicle.


 I.              Kamale Community Awareness

 The project reached out to a total of 1,340 children, 486 parents/Guardians through Household visit awareness and 4,750 people with Public awareness campaign at KAMALE COMMUNITY. This project therefore reached out to a total of 6,576 beneficiaries in Katangi ward; Yatta sub County. The project has been able to undertake the following in year 2020.

a)    During the first day of the public campaign, assistant commissioner from Katangi was able to partner with NACODEV to physically launch the NACODEV COVID-19 response across the region.

 b)   A total of (250 hand washing Kits to 250 households) and (800 liters of hand washing soaps.)

 c)    The exercise of Hygiene and sanitation campaigns were undertaken in 14 shopping centers within Kamale community within 5 days. The campaign was able to reach out to approximately 4,750 people with covid-19 response messages. .

 II.            Ngangani and  Malava COVID-19 response project:

 A total of 8,200 people in Malava and Ngangani communities and neighboring localities were reached out during hygiene and sanitation Campaigns of (May to July 2020) on safety measures for reduced spread of the global threat of corona virus.

 The following are the outcomes of the project.

 a)    The following package of household health/hygiene items were provided to the vulnerable, low income earners and elderly. 

 o   400 hand washing Kits

 o   400 Bottles(750Mls) of detergents JIK

 o   150 Hand sprayer pumps

 o   1200 liters of hand washing liquid soap

 o   4,000 Masks supplied to needy Families

 b)   It was possible to supply the following food stuffs to 150 households within a period of two Months;

 o   16 Kgs (8 Packets) of Maize flour within two Months

 o   2kg of Sugar 

 o   4litrs of cooking oil

 o   Tea leaves

 c)    During this period of Global pandemic of COVID-19, 35 trading centers reached through Public address Hygiene and sanitation campaigns mounted into pickup. The exercise was undertaken within Ngangani and Malava community within 10 days. The campaign was able to reach out to approximately 6,200 people with covid-19 response. It was possible to supply the following food stuffs to every  household within a period of two Months;


d)   The word of God was shared at every opportunity, especially during all household visits, demonstrations, trainings and during sharing of food stuffs.




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