Ngangani & Malava Livelihood & Spiritual Transformation


The overall goal of the project is to improve livelihoods and enhance spiritual transformation for Ngangani and Malava vulnerable Households in 5 years (2020-2024. To achieve this impact project aims to improve income levels of 350 Ngangani households by 80% as well as school performance for the needy children. This shall be done by ensuring needy children attend school regularly since the project shall provide regular health care and support to reduce childhood illnesses. The rationale for a household to take three years before maturity has been as a result of previous project experience and lessons learned during implementation of the previous livelihood project at Ngangani Community.

The project shall access and review the number of children who shall continue being in the program every year according to the status of their families. . All the pupils shall be in primary schools. Some of the primary pupils will be phased out during this process at the end of each year because they will have either completed class eight or have their households improved capacity and ability to take care of them.


Achievements 2020/21: In the first year of 2020; 155 households were fully trained on entrepreneurship/Agriculture/health/HIV&AIDs and supported through provision of start- up Capital for guardians to begin income generating activities for improved income status as a sustainability strategy. Meanwhile the children were supported with Uniforms, school maintenance fees among other expenses as well as discipleship through the word of God for spiritual transformation.

In 2021 NACODEV is supporting 250 primary children from various schools for improved school performance as well as enhancing school household income status through Income generating activities.


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